Stand Out of the Cloud with Loupe ConceptRecruitment

Recruitment is an important HR function that your business will need at some stage. We all understand how crucial it is to find the right person for the new or vacated position; however, the task inevitably falls to someone within your organisation who does not have the time nor may have the required skills to find and recruit that ideal employee. Consider the cost in lost time wading through dozens of applications and the opportunity cost for both the manager and for the new position.

HR Power takes a different approach to support your organisation’s recruitment efforts. We take the time to get to know the key staff, the job, the organisation and its values and culture. We will use various networks to find suitable candidates, conduct shortlisting, initial interviews and provide your business with real choices. We base potential candidates on their skills, attitude, knowledge, cultural fit, values, and their ability to engage and grow in their role and the business.

We will arrange interviews, prepare questions and facilitate interviews if needed. We will carry out referee checks and if required we can organise background (security) and medical checks. We can prepare employment contracts and help with on boarding. HR Power can act as your own internal recruitment team.

We offer our service at a fraction of the cost of most recruitment agencies so its worth a phone call to see how HR Power can save you time and money.

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