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Our people are our most valuable resource’. We have heard it many times before and we all know it to be true. Without people in our business we can’t achieve anything, so it makes sense to look after this valuable resource.

HR Power recognises the power of this valuable resource, hence our name; but more over we understand how to develop your workforce to help realise their full potential.

It is one thing to have staff that are just doing a job it is another to have an engaged workforce who are well trained; developing new skills; who work hard toward set, clear and achievable goals aligned with your business.

Performance Management

Establishing an effective performance management system is an important aspect toward exceptional people development within your organisation. Your performance management system may include some of the following:

– Performance appraisal are used to help workplace leader at all levels sit down with their staff and set clear achievable goals which are aligned to their functional area and ultimately aligned with your business goals and objectives. Goals should be set within an employees capability but should be challenging, rewarding and develop new skills that are beneficial to the employee and the business.

– Managing poor performance and misconduct can be a difficult task for workplace leaders to take on. It is important for the organisation to have set and clear procedures that facilitates a quick resolution to these occurrences. Any procedure must facilitate open discussion between workplace leaders and employee, be clear and transparent; afford natural justice and be conscious of unfair dismissal legislation.

 Learning and Development

The direct benefits from a good learning and development program can be substantial; from improvement in business capability and performance to improvements in employee’s skills and core capabilities. It might; however, be the indirect results that are the most beneficial to your organisation such as motivation, retention, attitudes, values and culture.

L&D is an essential HR discipline for continued people development. HR Power can assist you with development of a suitable program or policy and can help deliver crucial training on HR related subjects.

Coaching and Mentoring

How many of us had a coach or a mentor when we started work? I guess we are all influenced when we started work, we looked, listened and learned from the experts around us, we were influenced by leaders inside and outside our organisation and we still are today. This is not the same as having a dedicated coaching or mentoring program.

A formalised coaching or mentoring program within your business has a powerful effect on the ongoing development of your people. It is a cost effective program that opens up communications, shares knowledge, experiences and skills across your organisation.

HR Power can help set up a program, help reluctant coaches and mentors have the confidence to act in the capacity.

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