HR Power Fitness Test

red_heart_addHR Power is now offering a free consultation for your business to measure the fitness of your HR activities.

We can meet with the business owner, General Manager or suitable representative to assess how your organisation’s HR practices are travelling.

We will conduct a comprehensive review of the following HR process and systems to ensure they are suitable for your business needs and aligned with your business goals. We will also assess these for compliance against Fair Work Act (FWA), modern awards applicable for your business and Australian laws and regulations such as Anti-Discrimination Act.




  • HR policies and procedures;
  • Recruitment process;
  • Record keeping in accordance with FWA;
  • Provision of National Employment Standards (NES);
  • Grievance and dispute resolution processes;
  • Performance management systems;
  • Learning and development opportunities.

So why does your business need this?

First and foremost it’s free, it is also obligation free with no hidden costs and no hard sell. The primary reason is to get some feedback on your current HR plan or processes and if needed help find more effective ways that are designed to increase the effectiveness of your people and increase your business productivity.

Remember the goal of HR is first and foremost to enhance your business through your people.

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