Thinking Outside the Box
To what lengths do we go, to ensure we have diversity in our organisations, do we actively seek it out and if so how do we do this with out reverse discrimination? Do we forgo a more suitable candidate for a position for a member that will bring diversity into the organisation or team?


Mobbing at work
We need to change our mindsets from what is and what is not bullying to having open conversations to gain an understanding just how each of us perceive bullying; we need an education process to ensure a common understanding is aligned throughout our workplace; and we need to gain an emotional intelligence so that we see how others may perceive our actions and behaviour. Read More

Workplace Bullying – ‘We just want it to stop’ Part ...

Do we deal with resources or do we deal with people?  As HR professionals it is important to be conscious of the dramatic impact that some decisions will have on people. There is no doubt that HR’s purpose is to support the businesses and organisations at the various leadership levels. […]

People not just resources

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Workplace Bullying – ‘We just want it to stop’ Bullying in Australia is estimated to cost business as much as $36 Billion a year; this was the estimates coming from an inquiry into Workplace Bullying by the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Education and Employment. This staggering cost comes […]

Workplace Bullying “We just want it to stop”

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Workforce Engagement, what is it, why is it important, and how can we achieve greater levels of this in our workforce. Engagement is the level of satisfaction, effort and commitment that someone will find and apply to their job. There are many elements and aspects that have been used to […]

Workforce Engagement